Safety Rules

When you are dating, it is a fact to ensure that you are safe and not have plunged into something unexpected. It is important that you are being smart enough when going on a date with a person for the very first time. Dating can be a nightmare if in case you have hooked up that comes off with dating the wrong person.

It is crucial for you to stay safe when you are going on a date with someone known only for quite some time. Never make vulnerable to a stranger as that could definitely backfire and end up in something really disastrous. A 2016 analysis states that there has been a rise in the rape in dating encounters by almost a whopping 450 percent and that makes it clear how unsafe it is for a woman.

Let your loved ones know about the date that you are going to and keep them in a loop. Never leave the food or drink unattended, as there are chances for it to be spiked with colorless and odorless drugs. Don’t give out any kind of personal information and carry some protection, finally Google best self-defense techniques and learn them in the right way.